When Piglet is Completely
 Surrounded by Water

Water Communion Service
Written by Greg Ward and Donna Morrison-Reed
Adapted from A.A. Milne
September 5, 1999
Unitarian Universalist Metro Atlanta North

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Christopher Robin
Service Leader
Voices for Pooh, Piglet and
Christopher Robin


Circular seating.   Chalice in the Center.   Kids allowed to come to the inside of the circle or sit on the stage in front.   A set of risers (or a table) in the left corner of stage.  Microphone by the chalice for the Storyteller and the Service Leader.


Water to splash on Pooh.   Umbrella for Christopher Robin and Pooh to ride in.   Several coffee cans with yellow paper on the outside that show, “Hunny.”  


 (Piano is silent during the community reign)


 (Through leading the congregation in a process of rubbing, tapping and clapping hands, we will all create the sound of rain falling. When we are finishing with “rain” we start children’s song)

Rain, Rain, Rain Song
(Song from Winnie the Pooh    Piano is silent


It rained and it rained and it rained... Piglet told himself that never in all of his years (and he must have been, goodness knows, three, or was it four by now?)   -- never had he seen so much rain.   Days and days and days of rain.  

 As he looked out his window he thought,


If only I had been in Pooh’s house, or Christopher Robin’s house, or Rabbit’s house when it began to rain, if only I had been in a place with people who cared about me.   Then I should have company all this time.   Instead I am here all alone... with nothing to do except wonder when it will stop.


And he imagined himself with Pooh, saying,


Did you ever see so much rain, Pooh?


...and Pooh saying,

Isn’t it awful, Piglet?


...and Piglet saying,


I wonder how it is over Christopher Robin’s way...

...and Pooh saying...

I should think poor old Rabbit is about flooded out by this time....


It would have been wonderful to talk like this, and really, it wasn’t much good having anything exciting like floods, if you couldn’t share them with somebody.


It is fun to travel and explore.   But sometimes when we do, we run into floods and other great excitements.   And then it is nice to have people, like we have here, to grab onto when it feels as though we have been cast out to sea.  

(Piano comes in and begins to play Hymn 100 softly.   Storyteller lights the chalice) 

May the flame of this chalice dance with adventure, further our vision, brighten our lives, warm our hearts and remind us we are amidst people who care.

HYMN   100                 “I’ve Got Peace Like A River”

(Piano is silent)



Good Morning.    My name is [Service Leader] and today with [participants] we welcome you to the [congregation] on Water Communion Sunday.   We have some announcements...


It was rather exciting.   The little dry ditches in which Piglet had nosed about so often had become streams, the little streams across which he had splashed had become rivers and the river, which was already too big and too fast to play Poohsticks had overgrown its bed and was spreading out so far that Piglet was beginning to wonder whether it would be taking over his bed soon.  


It’s a little anxious to be a very small animal entirely surrounded by water.


It went on raining, and every day the water got a little higher, until now it was nearly up to Piglet’s window... and still he hadn’t thought of anything he could do to stop it.

He thought to himself...


There’s Pooh.   Now, Pooh hasn’t much brain, but he never comes to any harm.   He does silly things and they turn out right.   There’s owl.   Owl hasn’t exactly got brain, but he knows things.   He would know the right thing to do when surrounded by water.   There’s rabbit.   He hasn’t learned things in books, but he can always think of a clever plan.   There’s Kanga.   She isn’t clever, Kanga isn’t.   But she would be so anxious about Roo that she would know a good thing to do without thinking about it.   And then there’s Eeyore.   And Eeyore is so miserable anyhow that he wouldn’t mind about this.    But I wonder what Christopher Robin would do?


Sometimes it happens: we look around and the world seems cloudy and gray and troubles keep pouring down like rain, and they seem so much bigger than we are, leaving us like Piglet feeling very much afraid and alone.   What do you do when you see dark stormy troubles coming your way?   (Ask people)

(Beginning of Hymn 99 playing slowly in the background)

Sometimes it helps to have people around you.   Sometimes it helps to talk about it.   Sometimes it helps to sing...

HYMN 99                    “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen”

(Piano is silent)



What did Piglet do?   Suddenly he remembered a story which Christopher Robin had told him about a man on a desert island who had written something in a bottle and thrown it in the sea; and Piglet thought that if he wrote something in a bottle and threw it in the water, perhaps somebody would find it.   Then they’d read it.   Then they’d come and pull him out of his house before he got to be a completely soggy Piglet!

He left the window and began to search his house, all of it that wasn’t under water, and at last he found a pencil and a small piece of dry paper, and a bottle with a cork to it.   And he wrote on one side of the paper.



and on the other side...




Then he put the paper in the bottle, and he corked the bottle up as tightly as he could, and he leaned out of his window as far as he could lean without falling in, and he threw the bottle as far as he could throw -- splash! -- and in a little while it bobbed up again on the water; and he watched it floating slowly away in the distance, until his eyes ached with looking and sometimes he thought it was the bottle, and sometimes he thought it was just a ripple on the water which he was following, and then suddenly he knew that he would never see it again, and that he had done all that he could do to save himself.

And then Piglet did something that maybe you’ve done once or twice or even quite a few times.   He began to pray.... a sort of hoping prayer... a frightened prayer...   a water rising in my house and I can’t swim prayer.   He prayed in earnest because there was nothing else for him to do.   Let’s listen to Piglet’s prayer and then keep silence together so each of us can say a silent prayer of hoping for ourselves if we are in some kind of trouble or maybe for Piglet or a friend or someone else we know who is in trouble or afraid.

Thou who makes the rains, brings the sun, gives life, and receives those at the end of their living, remember me.   Remember my thanks for the friends I have made, for the love they have pointed out within me, love that I discovered only because they were nearby.   Remember my fears.   Fears of being alone, isolated, in troubles that are rising and answers just too hard to come by.   Remember my dreams.   All the dreams of doing what I know I can do, but haven’t yet found the opportunity, or the courage to do.   Remember the meaning, the purpose, the transformation that redeems all suffering.   Remember that I am in for the long haul, come what may.   And remember that I need to know that you are near, in the faces of the friends I love and the earth around me, even in the rain.   Remember me, Lord.

So now somebody else will have to do something, because I’ve done all I have in me to do.   I hope they do it soon.   Because if they don’t I shall have to swim, which I can’t, so I hope they do it soon.   (Big Sigh).   And I wish Pooh was here.   It’s so much friendlier with two.  


(After 1 minute of silence piano plays Hymn 100 softly and slowly)


(Piano plays short interlude and then becomes silent)




When Pooh got home he was so tired that, in the middle of his supper he fell fast asleep in his chair, and slept and slept and slept.   When the rain began Pooh was asleep.   It rained, and it rained, and it rained.   And he slept, and he slept and he slept.   For he had had a tiring day.  

 (Pooh is in front of the table with a blanket over him, tossing and turning as Storyteller speaks)

Then suddenly Pooh was dreaming.   He was not at the North Pole, or the South Pole, or the West Pole, but at the East Pole, and it was a very cold pole with the coldest sort of snow and ice all over it.   He had found a beehive to sleep in, but there wasn’t room for his legs so he had left them outside.   And Wild Woozles, such as inhabit the East Pole, cam and nibbled all the fur off his legs to make nests for their young.   And the more they nibbled, the colder his legs got, until suddenly, he woke up!

POOH:                          (Very loud and sit up suddenly)



... and there he was sitting in his chair with his feet in the water, and water all around him!   He paddled his way to the window where the water was pouring out of his house and looked out...   There was water everywhere!!


This is serious.   I must have an escape.

(Pooh puts the honey pot up and climbs to the top of the table)


Pooh took his largest pot of honey an escaped with it to a broad branch well above the water, and then he climbed down again and escaped with another pot... and when the whole escape was finished, there was Pooh sitting on his branch dangling his legs and there beside him, were ten pots of honey....

Two days later, there was Pooh sitting on his branch, dangling his legs and there, beside him, there were four pots of honey

(Pooh throws the empty honey pots away)

Three days later, there was Pooh, sitting on his branch, dangling his legs, and there, beside him, was one pot of honey...

(Pooh tosses the last pot of honey down and looks sad)

It was on the morning of the fourth day that Piglet’s bottle came floating past.

(Storyteller carries bottle along “bobbing” on the water so that Pooh can see it)

.... and with one loud cry of....



.... Pooh plunged into the water,

(Storyteller throws a small pail of water on Pooh)

seized the bottle and struggled back to his tree again.

(Piano starts playing immediately right here)

        HYMN   210                 “Wade in the Water”


Bother!   It’s not honey at all!   All that wet for nothing!   But there is a bit of paper stuck inside... It’s a missage.   That’s what it is.   And that letter is a “P,” and so is that, and so is that, and “P” means “Pooh,” so its’ a very important missage to me, and I can’t read it.   I must find Christopher Robin or Owl or Piglet, one of those clever readers who can read things, and they will tell me what this missage means.   (Pause)   Only, I can’t swim.


Then Pooh had an idea and, I think, for a bear of very little brain it was a good idea, indeed.   He said to himself....

If a bottle can float, then a jar can float, and if a jar floats, I can sit on top of it, if it’s a very big jar...


So, he took his biggest jar and corked it up... and dropped it into the water... and jumped in after it.   For a little while Pooh and his new boat were uncertain as to which of them was meant to be on the top, and which was meant to be on the bottom.   But after trying one or two different approaches, they settled down with the boat underneath and Pooh on top, paddling vigorously with his feet.  

(Pooh paddles away off stage.   On stage comes Christopher Robin holding his umbrella)

Meanwhile, in a different place in the forest, Christopher Robin sat outside of his house.   Christopher Robin lived at the very top of the forest and so, no matter how much it rained the water couldn’t come up to his house.   But it did do a pretty good job of surrounding him so that he could see that for the very first time in his life, he lived on an island because the water had crept up on all sides.  

But as much as it was exciting, it was also sad, because no matter how much he wanted to, he couldn’t go visit anyone else in the forest.   And he knew that some of them might be pretty unhappy with how much water there was.   Some might be completely underwater.   And he waited at the edge of the water and looked out as far as he could... and he wondered.


Christopher Robin waited in the rain and he thought about his friends.   He missed them.   It seemed like ages since they had been together, laughing.   He wondered where they had been, what they had seen, what they had done.   He wished that there was some way that they could be together again.   Just like we all wish from time to time.   Sometimes we are separated by distance.   Sometimes by time.   In the summer many of us go away to chase our dreams, or answer a call for help.   But every fall most of us come back together again to pour our lives into the common concern of this community.   This Sunday we hope you brought your water with you from the trips that you have taken.   It is a way that we can all renew our connections to one another, to the places we’ve been and to the interdependent web of which we all are part.   We invite you to come forward now to pour a drop of your water into the common chalice and as you do say your name and from where you collected your water.

(Members will bring forward their water.   When the last one comes up Hymn begins to play HYMN 121   in the background while Christopher Robin begins blessing.   The Hymn plays through until CR and the congregation finishes at which time the tenors will sing the hymn through only one verse and chorus)

Spirit of Life -
Christopher Robin:             
            Bless these waters
                        symbolizing our journeys
                                    near and far
                        May this water remind us that
                                    even as our bodies can thirst
                        our souls too can experience cries of frustration
                                    remember oceans of separation
                        feel the sweat of arduous effort
                                    know the boyancy that tears of joy can bring.

The Congregation:
                        We know that few of our dreams
                                    could come true without the help of those                                                            around us
                        and even the dreams we fulfill in our solitude
                                    beg for the company of others to make them                                                     meaningful

                        Let us bless this water with our individual                                                                      achievements
                                    and our common commitment
                        So that we understand
                                    that just as water is the essence of                                                                    our very life
                        It is our relationships to one another that                                                       make that life worth living.

We’ll build a land where we bind up the broken
We’ll build a land where the captives go free
Where the oil of gladness disolves all mourning
Oh we’ll build a promised land that can be.

Come build a land where sisters and brothers
anointed by God may then create peace
Where justice shall roll down like waters
and peace like an ever flowing stream.

(Piano is silent)



As Christopher Robin waited at the edge of the water, he lifted the umbrella which he had pulled down over his eyes and what did he see but POOH!


Pooh!!!   (They hug each other) How did you get here, Pooh?

On my boat.   I have a very important missage sent to me in a bottle, and owing to having got some water in my eyes, I couldn’t read it, so I brought it to you.... on my boat.


But it’s from Piglet!


Isn’t there anything at all about Pooh in it?   (Pooh looks over Christopher Robin’s shoulder)   Oh.... Are those “P’s” “Piglets?”   I thought they were “Poohs.”


Piglet is in trouble.   We must rescue him at once!   Now then, Pooh, where is your boat?


I ought to say that it isn’t just an ordinary sort of boat.   Sometimes it’s a boat, and sometimes it’s more of an accident.   It all depends.


Depends on what?

On whether I’m on top of it or underneath it?

Oh!   Well, where is it?


But it’s too small for two of us.

POOH:             (nodding)

Three of us, with Piglet.

Yes, that makes it smaller still.   Oh, Pooh Bear, what shall we do?


And then, this bear, Pooh Bear, this wonderful amazing bear, said something so creatively clever, so thoroughly thoughtful, so unbearably brilliant, that Christopher Robin could only look at him with his eyes staring wide open, wondering if this was really the Bear of Very Little Brain whom he had known and loved so long.

Christopher Robin...?   We might go in your umbrella.


And after he had gotten over his amazement and his adoration, Christopher Robin saw that they might.   He opened his umbrella and put it point downwards in the water.   It floated but wobbled.   Then they both got in and it wobbled a little less.   And they set sail forthwith in a south-wester-wobbly direction.   (Pooh and Christopher Robin and umbrella dance to the edge of the room) revolving gracefully as they made their way to rescue Piglet.

And you can imagine Piglet’s joy when at last the ship came in sight carrying his two best friends in the whole world.


Oh, they’re coming!!!!    They’re coming!!!!   I can see them at last.   (Waves arms)   Look!!!   Look!!!   I’m over here.   OVER HERE!!!!   Thank you!!!!   Thank you for coming!!!



Piglet was grateful and so happy to know that he wasn’t alone.   And that he wasn’t forgotten in his moment in need.   We help one another in these same ways.   By giving of our time, our experience, our talents and our money.   We will now receive this morning’s offertory for the work of this church within and beyond our walls.

(Piano plays Hymn 210 slowly and softly till the baskets are received by Service Leader)



In later years, Piglet liked to think that he had been in very great danger during the terrible flood, but the only danger he had really been in was in the last half hour of his imprisonment when Owl (Owl flies over to Piglet), who had just flown up, sat on a branch of his tree to comfort him, and told him a VERY long story about an aunt Edna who had once laid a seagull’s egg by mistake, and the story went one and one, rather like this sentence, until Piglet, who was listening out of his window without much hope, went to sleep quietly and naturally, slipping slowly out of the window towards the water below until he was only hanging on by his toes, at which moment luckily a sudden loud squawk from Owl, which was really part of the story, woke Piglet up (Owl flies away) and just gave him time to jerk himself to safety and say...


How interesting...


.... and that’s when he saw Christopher Robin and Pooh coming over to rescue him.

(Christopher Robin and Pooh join Piglet and the three of them dance together and get in the umbrella and float away.    Piano begins to play “Rain, Rain, Rain” as they start to dance together.  The children will join in.)  

CHILDREN’S CHOIR                     Rain, Rain, Rain Song


Just as waters merge when poured into the same bowl, so to do our lives when poured into the same community of concern.   This group of people, bringing together their experiences of the past and their visions of the future, are our present source of meaning.   Let us merge our lives and in so doing, live more fully.   Amen. 

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