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To download Intergenerational scripts, click on the "Download Script" choice of the script you want and when prompted, click on "Load to Disk" or "Save to Disk" option. All scripts are in zipped (compressed) form. If you do not have a program to unzip files click on the link to WINZIP or on the link to PKware, makers of the famous PKUNZIP and PKZIP. PKware and Winzip are the foremost   programs for zipping (compressing) and unzipping (decompressing) files. All files on this web site have been thoroughly checked for viruses before loading onto the server. The files, when unzipped, are in Rich Text Format (RTF) which is usable by most modern word processing programs.

Macintosh users can decompress ZIP files using Stuffit Expander.  The ZIP files downloaded from this site can't be "double-clicked", but can be opened, and decompressed, from within Stuffit Expander after  that application has been started.  The Stuffit Expander application can be downloaded from http://www.aladdinsys.com/expander/expander_mac.html.

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