Why Do We Have Intergenerational Services?
We need intergenerational worship for the following reasons:

1. One of the most important aspects church shoppers are looking for are vital, creative, responsible and caring approaches to including children in the life of the church and helping to teach values and important lessons in memorable ways.

2. Families whose parents are busy (like most families in the UU demographic) are looking for ways to spend meaningful time with their children that will spur them to further sharing and conversation.

3. Intergenerational worship often provides one of the only avenues for interaction and integration between older and younger members of a community.

4. Intergenerational worship works phenomenally well at introducing / integrating new members into a congregation as well as providing ways for older, harder to get to know members to become more accessible and more part of the growing, changing social life of a community. It can also provide ways for a congregation to get to know board members in a more engaging, more social way.

5. It is one effective way to help younger members experience the liturgy of your congregation so that they know what UU liturgy is when they talk to their friends.

6. It gives the younger members an experience of seeing what adults do when they worship (something they are very curious about) and offers an example of reverence and respect for worship which they can later emulate.

7. Helps provide opportunities for ministers and other program staff to interact with the younger members in a worshipful way.

8. Effective intergenerational worship is often one of the most common characteristics shared by our fastest growing churches.

9. Intergenerational Worship provides an opportunity for young and old alike to enjoy, together, one of the fundamental elements of all religions storytelling.

10. Our mandate as religious educators calls us to create environments where our children have trusting relationships to the people around them - people of all ages.

11. Our movement strives to help younger members understand our UU values and articulate them Learning, especially for the young, is more effective in experiential settings and through stories.

12. Being able to worship in the main worship room in the church for the whole service - is often an important clue to our younger members as they figure out what our religion is about.

13. We need to be providing opportunities for the younger members to become familiar and understand our liturgy, values and norms within worship so that when they see other religious styles they will recognize the differences.

14. Intergenerational Worship can be fun, memorable and meaningful

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